10 Unique Start Ups Worth Following in 2017

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Defined Crowd

Artificial Intelligence start-ups have been making a bang on the market and business world. Defined Crowd is one of them, specifically for scientists. They have made systems which are meant to provide assistance with research by managing massive amount of data and improving analysis patterns. This saves the actual scientists a lot of time.


AbaloPublicidad is one of the best start-ups to show up from Spain during the last couple of year. In the following year they promise to keep up with expectations with their wide array of work and gift products available via their online store. AbaloPublicidad’s success was secured not only by individuals but also by big corporations which took advantage of the high quality work products available.


Cerebras is the sort of security related Artificial Intelligence start-up that aims to be employed by all banks all over the world. They provide the software that promises the safety of content, data and legal matters from online theft and more. The founder, Andrew Feldman, also started SeaMicro and has a lot of experience in the field to push the start-up forward.


Hudl is a start-up related to sports. Something you don’t see very often when it comes to list of the best start-ups to follow. It managed to be so successful because it has produced an app which optimizes communication between the members of a team, as well as allowing coaching to offer strategy plans, diet and perfect nutrition tips and more information to their players.


Founded in New York, Clarifai is a company that has achieved a lot in very short time. They have created products that focus on and improve visual recognition for different items that help people in everyday life. Truly innovative inventions.


Datalog is another tech start-up that has taken the world by storm. They have created a system that helps other machines with their Artificial Intelligence by providing natural language options in order to improve their performance.


Avaamo is start-up to follow in 2017 because the application that came from it is responsible for dealing with chatbot which the company believes are the future of online communications. They are meant to provide assistance on the run as well as suggesting topics or preparing users for future meetings and conferences. Advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Wine Outlet

Wine Outlet is an online store that sells wines in Greece. When the start-up was founded no one could have guess it would become so successful. The main reason for its rapid growth is the high quality of its delivery services and the amazing wines with detailed information it’s had for sale on its site.


Galaxy.AI as you might have guessed is a start-up deal with artificial intelligence and more specifically creating systems for healthcare professionals to help them with diagnosis and treatment suggestions. It’s biggest virtue is how fast it works under emergencies, making it invaluable.


uSens is a start-up that is producing a machine that combines virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Their helmet VR systems are known to provide the best and most immersive experience at this time!

What other start-ups would you follow in 2017? The ones about are certainly some of the most sought after.


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