2016 Has Seen More Deaths Of Refugees Crossing Mediterranean Sea: UN

March 17, 2023 3:44 pm4 commentsViews: 358

This is the era of world’s biggest refugee crisis since World War II and United Nations said the 2016 is to be the deadliest year for deaths of such migrants who are crossing the Mediterranean Sea.


UN’s refugee agency spokesman William Spindler said even though fewer people are taking the route compared to that of 2015, but it is still the worst seen.

Data reveals 1,015,078 people crossed the Mediterranean Sea in 2015 and so far the crossing this year has mounted to 327,800.

However, Spindler added so far this year 3,740 people have been died while attempting to cross the sea and last year the death toll was 3,771. Two months are still to go for 2016 and more lives could be lost.

He further mentioned, “From one death for every 269 arrivals, last year, in 2016 the likelihood of death has spiraled to one in 88. On the Central Mediterranean route between Libya and Italy the likelihood of dying is even higher, at one death for every 47 arrivals.”

One of the main reasons responsible for such deaths including lower-quality vessels used by smugglers. It is known flimsy inflatable rafts fail to last the journey. Bad weather is also one more reason why attempts of crossing result with death.

Smugglers have also taken thousands of people at a time and after incident it becomes harder for rescuers to save lives.

Meanwhile, it is reported about 2,200 people were saved just yesterday in 21 different rescue missions. Sixteen bodies of people have also been recovered.


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