3 Deaths, 140 More Sickened From Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak

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Infections and deaths from Salmonella infections have continued to rise in the US. In past one week 140 more cases have been registered, mounting the total to 558 since the beginning of the outbreak. Meanwhile, three deaths have been reported too by US health agency in Arizona, California and Texas.

3 Deaths, 140 More Sickened From Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, until now about 112 ill people due to Salmonella outbreak have been hospitalized. The agency also adds more than half of the total sickened are children younger than 18.

The 140 new cases over last few days are reported to have come from 24 states. California tops with 31 cases. One case each has been reported from Missouri, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota and New York.

California has the most overall cases too of the total sickened people since the beginning of the outbreak followed by Arizona, Utah, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Cucumbers imported from Mexico are found to be the source of infections that has touched 33 states. Earlier this month San Diego-based company Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce recalled voluntarily all the cucumbers sold under brand of ‘Limited Edition’ between August 1 and September 3 in the wake of outbreak and CDC investigation.

Custom Produce Sales too recalled its cucumbers sold under ‘Fat Boy’ brand as those were sourced from Andrew and Williamson.

All the recalled cucumbers were distributed in 24 states including New Jersey, Florida, California and Alaska.

The symptoms of Salmonella poorna are diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramping and other ailment caused due to regular subtype.

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