3 Stabbed In London’s Tube Station, Police Suspects Terrorism Act

April 27, 2023 3:02 pm0 commentsViews: 450

Three people have been stabbed with a knife by a 29-year-old man at Leytonstone Tube station in London Saturday evening. Police subdued the attacker immediately using a stun gun and has detained him.

3 Stabbed In London's Tube Station, Police Suspects Terrorism Act

If believed to London’s Evening Standard newspaper the attacker screamed the attack is for Syria.

However, Richard Walton, officer who leads the London police’s Counter Terrorism Command, has denied the report but said the investigation is treating the act as a terrorism incident.

Walton has urged people to maintain calm but simultaneously to remain alert as well as vigilant. Threats in London are severe and terrorist attack is highly likely.

One of the victims, a 56-year-old man, have sustained serious injuries but nonlife-threatening. The other two are wounded less seriously.

Britain is one of the top countries on the highest alert level and it is posed mainly by the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

British lawmakers approved Wednesday airstrikes on the sites of Islamic State terror group in syria.

In July 2005 multiple attacks on underground trains and bus by suicide bombers in Britain killed 52 innocent people. In May 2013 a British army soldier Lee Rigby was attacked and killed on one of London’s busy street by two Muslim converts.

Last month Islamic State militants launched multiple attacks in French capital Paris that killed 129 innocent people and injured more than 300 others.


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