4 Impressive Strategies Followed by Rummy Winners

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Rummy is a game of simple rules, skills, and strategies. It is evident that a player who knows the rules well and is skillful enough to implement the right strategies at the opportune time is sure to be successful. Winning the game is the biggest motivator. Winners of online rummy are people who have mastered their craft and proved their mettle against the challenges of the game.

The insightful inputs from the winners of online rummy are resourceful and inspirational to equip oneself with enhances skilled.Check out 4 strategies followed by the winners in their game.

Strategy 1: It is not necessary to play every hand

The beauty of the game is that each game is different from the previous one. Not every time you get a good hand to play. Some of the winners of online rummy games prefer to play only when they have joker(s) and a sequence at hand. If they are dealt with not-so-favourable cards, as a wise decision they prefer to drop. Thus, in rummy games, it is not necessary to play every hand.

Strategy 2: Trick your opponents to discard their cards

This particular strategy requires a certain amount of expertise and experience too in order to execute the strategy successfully in rummy. Here, you trick your opponent to discard a card that you may want. Say, if you want 3 of Hearts, you should wisely discard the card of thesamevalue but from a different suit. Alternatively, you could discard higher value card such as 4 or 5. In this way, you portray to your opponent that you do not need that card and trick him/ her to discard 3 of Hearts. Not every player can flawlessly implement this strategy.

Strategy 3: Decide to play or drop based on the cards at hand

At times, winners adopt a strategy where they decide to play or drop based on the cards at hand. They adopt this stance only when they do not have enough jokers or connecting open card prompting them to drop initially. They analyze the various situations before they decide on their action. If they have a joker and sequence then it is a good hand to continue; or if they have more jokers and a probable sequence which they could meld in a move or two, even then it is worth continuing playing. However, if the situations are otherwise and unfavourable, they may just decide to go for an initial drop. In rummy, this is the best strategy to save yourself from getting penalized with points in case of an eventual middle drop.

Strategy 4: Get skillful by practicing more

Yet a few winners of rummy games are staunch believers of ‘Practice makes one Perfect’. They opine that playing practice games more makes you very skillful and help you master the various strategies and tricks of the game. With regular practice and playing, you will gain experience which helps you in understanding your opponent’s game better.

Play to win; win to play more

Rummy is like a treasure chest – the more you dig into it, the more it opens up many exciting and challenging things giving the players unlimited fun and entertainment.


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