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When it comes to traveling, there are tons of places that you can visit and have fun, but there is certainly no other place like Dubai The Dubai tourism industry has been booming rapidly and shows no sign of stopping or slowing down If you are planning to visit this beautiful city of United Arab Emirates than here are a few tips or facts that may be of use to you before beginning your commute.

  • Dubai is more than just Skyscrapers

Now, this cannot be taken away from the thought of Dubai is that there are a lot of skyscrapers in that place and many of them even hold world records for their heights and most people visit Dubai mainly to witness those mesmerizing human architectures. But you must not think that Dubai is only about skyscrapers as the culture over there is very rich and you can visit historical places like the Dubai creek to witness the history of the UAE.

  • Mouth-Watering Food

Now the population of Dubai is a mixed one which means there are a large number of cultures that are combined in that one place, one big advantage of that is the diversity in food. In Dubai’s Bur Dubai there is large variety of food present like Afghan Food, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Yemeni, Filipino and even Iranian.

  • No need for Burkini but bring warm clothes

While UAE is an Islamic country, the people over there are open minded so you do not need to bring a burkha or something with you as while vising beaches, bikinis will be alright, but when you visit malls, you will need something warm due to them being highly Air-conditioned.

  • Cheap Taxis

In Dubai, you can hire a taxi at a very low price that is a big deal as the metro system is not that broad so you will need to get taxis for traveling through the city. Talking about taxis brings us to our next point.

  • No Kissing

Remember when we said UAE is a Muslim country but they are not that conservative, well here they kind of are, you might want to avoid kissing or even smooching at a public place or even taxis as it may land you in trouble. Just control your urge to kiss your partner while gazing at any of the wonders of Dubai.

  • Be careful while staring at Skyscrapers

We understand you might want to look the amazing skyscrapers but please be careful while doing that as the pavements in Dubai are non-existent.

  • Amazing Spas and Malls

The spas of Dubai are of high quality and even the cheap ones will find a way to amuse you. You must go for luxury spas as they may be a little pricey but the experience is a lifetime.

  • Hot Temperature

If you are planning to visit Dubai please do it in cold months like November to march as when it is summertime the temp is really high and may cause massive discomfort. The average temp in summer may touch 60C+.


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