Ad Blockers On Mobiles Save Money Too: NYT

April 27, 2023 1:17 am3 commentsViews: 72

The ad blocking debate on mobile browsing has continued and with a recent report published on The New York Times the flames have further gone high.

Ad Blockers On Mobiles Save Money Too- NYT

The report writes with ads removed the iPhone’s battery life has improved. The load times of web pages too have been accelerated. Browsing has become much faster now with ad blockers turned on.

The NYT used 1Blocker, Crystal and Purify to test browsing experience on iPhone with 50 of the most popular news websites.

However, there is other part of the debate too. Recently Fortune tested Crystal app on iPhones and found the ad blocker even blocked some part of the content on websites like Lululemon, Walmart and Sears.

Ad blockers have been made available for longer time, but lately it has come to use to a vast extent after Apple released its latest mobile operating system, the iOS9, with easy use of ad blockers.

Well, if believed to NYT further, the ad blockers also helps in saving money by saving data. The news website tested too and found before the ad blocker was used the home page measured about 19.4 megabytes, but after the ads were removed by Purify and Crystal separately, the home page measured just 4 megabytes.


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