African Teenager Girls Building Satellite To Launch Next Year

March 17, 2023 11:41 pm37 commentsViews: 656

A team of teenagers from Cape Town in South Africa is dedicatedly focusing on launching of first private satellite of Africa into space.


The girls including 17-year-old Brittany Bull and 16-year-old Sesam Mngqengquiswa have come up with their own designed payloads for a satellite that is learned to be orbiting over the earth’s poles scanning Africa’s surface.

According to Bull, after their satellite reaches the space they can determine the problems Africa is currently facing and also predict the problems to be faced in the future.

Bill is from Pelican Park High School and she said, “Where our food is growing, where we can plant more trees and vegetation and also how we can monitor remote areas… We have a lot of forest fires and floods but we don’t always get out there in time.”

Currently the Meta Economic Development Organization (MEDO) of South Africa is working with Morehead State University in the US and the mission of fourteen teenagers is part of the project too.

All the girls of the project are being trained by satellite engineers from Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

The satellite s learned to be launched next year in May and if it is successful the MEDO would become the first private company in the continent to build a satellite and send it into orbit.


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