Al-Shabab Kills Five Kenyan Police Officers

March 15, 2023 4:53 pm1 commentViews: 182

The Al-Shabab Islamic militant killed five police officers and injured four more on Monday in northeast Kenya during ambush on a convoy.

Al-Shabab Kills Five Kenyan Police Officers

The death toll has been confirmed by Kenyan police service in a statement mentioning the officers were in hot pursuit of the attackers who also burned the vehicle.

The attack is condemned by Mandera County Governor Ali Roha. He said the officers died in the line of duty, providing escort to passengers.

Roba added the government is now to investigate whether there was a security lapse.

In November 2014 too the terror group targeted Mandera and killed 28 teachers on a bus. Later in December 2014 about three dozen quary workers were killed near the town. Again in December of 2015 the Al-Shabab stopped a bus in Mandera and tried separating Muslims and Christian passengers. However, the Muslim passengers defeated the non-Muslim counterparts.

The 425 miles border between Kenya and Somalia is poorly policed in several parts from where the militants cross easily.

In 2011 the Al-Shabab declared was on Kenya.

The group lately has upped attacks against the Somali government as its mandate is expiring in August this year and elections will be held thereafter. However, it is doubtful one-person, one-vote system of democracy would be followed.


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