Amazon Booktore Opening In Manhatten In Spring

January 5, 2017 11:54 pm0 commentsViews: 43

The first physical, real-life bookstore from the stable of Amazon was opened in November 2015 in Seattle and since then several more has been inaugurated. The latest so-called Amazon Books is coming up in Midtown Manhattan.

Located inside the high-end shopping center near Central Park, Shops at Columbus Circle, the bookstore is learned to be opening soon.

According to Amazon spokeswoman Deborah Bass, the space where Amazon Books is coming was earlier occupied by an Armani Exchange.

The Manhattan store will be eighth Amazon Books and is learned to be opening in spring. Two more stores are coming up in Chicago and Dedham too.

Amazon’s presence in physical retail is very small even though it accounts for 38 percent of e-commerce sales in the United States and hence the retail giant seems taking a cautious approach to it.

Very recently the company also opened Amazon Go, a convenience store, in Seattle for customers who are looking for soft drinks, sandwiches and other food from shelves and leave the store without visiting a cash register.

Entry to the store is gained with a smartphone app and customers are charged for items using technology including sensors.

The Amazon Bookstores look more conventional at first glance with rows of shelves equipped with fewer titles compared to other bookstores.


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