Amid Differences In Priorities Tomorrow Is Litmus Test For Clinton, Trump

March 17, 2023 7:51 pm8 commentsViews: 92

Tomorrow Americans will vote and either Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton or Republican nominee Donald Trump will become the next president. Before stamping the wish let’s take a quick look again to both the hopes as both have priorities.


If Clinton wins the White House she would focus on immigration and jobs. She would also try to push the approval of a $275 billion infrastructure plan, ramp up trade enforcement and bolster clean-energy manufacturing.

Trump would launch his presidency by reversing several executive orders issued by President Barack Obama. He would try to push tax cut and spur up to $1 trillion in infrastructure spending.

It is to note on immigration both of them have taken opposed stances. Clinton had talked about making citizens to those who entered the country illegally where as Trump casted Mexican immigrants as criminals as they are bringing drugs as well as crime too. He went further in one of his campaigns saying they are rapists.

Both the candidates have taken different approaches on taxes too. Clinton had talked about increasing the taxes on corporations and the rich whereas Trump said would be substantially reducing the taxes.

For the fiscal policies the two differs. Clinton’s important theme of her campaign was helping families financially. She talked about expanding tax credit for children. Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate who talked about putting forward proposals on child care.


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