Antarctica’s Ross Sea Becomes World’s Biggest Marine Protected Area

March 17, 2023 4:27 pm34 commentsViews: 277

Finally, after five long years of negotiations, the Ross Sea in Antarctica has officially become Marine Protected Area.


The deal, which is to expire in 25 years, was brokered by the United Nation’s Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources in which 22 nations and European Union have agreed to make the area world’s largest protected marine at a meeting on Friday in Hobart, Tasmania.

The area now covered by the new park houses 50 percent of ecotype-C killer whales, 40 percent of Adelie penguins and 25 percent of emperor penguins, said United Nations.

The ecotype-C killer whales are the smallest of the four types of Southern Hemisphere orcas.

United States scientist David Ainley said the data will help them understand changes occurring on our planet.

Ainley was one of the first scientists to call the need of protected area.

Meanwhile, it is important to know Russia had voted against the negotiations five times earlier, but its agreement was finally gained with the efforts of UN Environment’s Patron of the Ocean Lewis Pugh, who even swim in ice Ross Sea last year to raise attention.

In a released statement Pugh said he is overjoyed with the deal and is like dream come true.

Giving credit to Pugh, the UN spokesman said he had made several trips to Russia to convince officials there for the deal and value of Ross Sea.


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