Apple Launching 4-Inch iPhone On March 21

April 28, 2023 3:36 am2 commentsViews: 87

Apple may be launching its spring product on March 11 and it is expected a 4-inch iPhone would be announced on the day along with a smaller iPad Pro and several new bands of Apple Watch.

Apple Launching 4-Inch iPhone On March 21

As of now the iDevice giant has not yet provided any detail about the event, but invitation sent to media houses just mentions “Let us loop you in.”

It is here to understand the Apple headquarters is on Infinite Loop road in Cupertino, California. The March event too of Apple is highly anticipating.

Meanwhile, on March 22 Apple and Federal authorities would appear to a federal magistrate in Riverside over request by the investigating agency of the San Bernardino mass shooting case to provide unlimited access to iPhone of one of the attackers in the process of unlocking.

Until now Apple has denied to the request and is also learned security features of iDevices will be further strengthened.

Meanwhile, it is also learned Apple is slashing the price of its iPhone 5s further to about 50 percent.

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