Apple Releases Updated iOS 9.3 Fixing Activation Lock Bug

April 28, 2023 4:45 am3 commentsViews: 70

Apple has released another new build of its iOS 9.3 operating system claiming to have fixed issues related to Activation Lock bug.

Apple Releases Updated iOS 9.3 Fixing Activation Lock Bug

The new update is still identified as iOS 9.3 but with different build number – 13E5237. Users can restore their device via iTunes and upgrade to the new iOS version.

The iDevice giant stopped signing the broken version of the mobile operating system for older devices.

Apple confirmed the issue that affected iPhone 5s. The bug was first reported by AppleInsider tech blog writing several users were not able to proceed past the password authentications stage.

Some of the users said a full system restore worked good but the method is like hit-or-miss. Others said downloading iOS 9.3 through iTunes on a Mac and installing the firmware via a hardwired connection worked too.

Last week Apple released a different iOS 9.3 build too for iPad 2 to address the bug. The version was 13E236.

With the release of updated version Apple also published a support document for workaround suggestions and has urged users to set password throughout iCloud, perform an iTunes-based installation and activation.


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