Apple To Feature Organ Donor Sign-In Feature In Upcoming iOS 10

March 16, 2023 12:56 am6 commentsViews: 89

In a new report from the way of Associated Press it is revealed the upcoming iOS 10 Health app update to get a new organ donor sign-up button to help out in easing a longstanding donor shortage.

Apple To Feature Organ Donor Sign-In Feature In Upcoming iOS 10

It is being said the new feature is inspired by Apple co-founder’s (Steve Jobs) excruciating wait for a new liver.

Very less information has been made available about the software but the report sounds like allowing users of iPhone and iPad to enrol in a national donor registry.

If this is the purpose, users don’t need to wait for the roll of new feature. One can directly enrol to website.

US Department of Health and Human Services reveals one person register to the organ transplant list in every 10 minutes and about 22 people die a day waiting for the transplant.

Earlier in 2012 Facebook too took an important step towards it. The social giant added an organ donation button on its platform. It served as an awareness campaign among Facebook users.

In May this year White House announced initiatives to help in reducing the wait times for organ donation. It revealed over twenty organizations including Twitter and Google are developing tools to ease registering of organ donor.


It is suggested to help make the organ donor initiatives of White House and corporate houses a success and save lives of people who die waiting for the transplant.

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