Aspirin Pill Can Make Cancer Treatment More Effective: Study

aspirin pill cancer treatment
aspirin pill cancer treatment

In a new research it is found aspirin can help in boosting up cancer treatment and it is exciting as the pill, which is an anti-inflammatory pain killer, does not come expensive.

aspirin pill, cancer treatment

Experts say the new finding suggests an inexpensive medicine could make a significant difference in cancer treatment.

Apart from the good news with great hope to save cancer patients, it is also cautioned by the researchers the medicine cannot be prescribed as of now as more trials are required to understand the combination better.

Many cancer cells generate prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and aspirin helps in blocking the production that results with exposing the tumors to attack.

PGE2 are large amounts of a molecule.

Researchers say any other member of the Coxx inhibitor drug family can be used in the trial. As of now aspirin has been tested on mice and showed slowing down of the growth of PGE2.

Professor Caetano Reise Sousa led the study, which is published in the latest edition of the Cell journal.

The professor said if the ability of making PGE2 of the cancer cells is blocked, the immune system sets itself back to kill mode and starts attacking the tumors.

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