Beach Party Theme Food Ideas

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Themed parties incorporate themed party supplies, decorations, and games, so why not try planning a party with themed food? These party food ideas are either dishes associated with a particular theme or are symbolic of the theme. These thematic food ideas are both appropriate for their intended occasions and delicious.

Before planning out a menu, brainstorm a few things that are reminiscent of the beach. Grilled food, picnic fare, and fresh summer fruits and vegetables are all types of food that are appropriate for beaches and summer theme parties. However, the dishes served do not need to be “beach fare” literally. Food that reminds people of the beach is appropriate for themed parties as well.

Barbequed meat (like hamburgers or hot dogs) and fresh fruit are great foods that people can have at a beach party-themed event. The summer is a great time to get outdoors and cook food, but it is nice to contrast that food with some cold food (like fruit or pasta salad) as well.

Picnic fare, like cold sandwiches, chips, and fresh vegetables is also appropriate for summer theme parties. If desired, the meal can be served picnic style on picnic tables or on the ground with blankets. This can add to the festivity of the party without requiring too much work.

Having foods that literally look like the beach can also add a fun touch to a beach party theme celebration. For desserts, one possibility is to make parfaits out of vanilla pudding with mashed up graham crackers to look like sand. Another idea is to make blue raspberry gelatin with Swedish fish or other fish gummies inside.


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