Bed & Breakfast Tips For Finland, France, Germany

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Staying at B&B’s in different countries is one of the best ways to meet local people. Finns do it, Swedes do it, even the Japanese do it. Although it originated in Britain the B&B concept is catching on around the world.

Bed & Breakfast in Finland

B&B in Finland is “Bådd & Frukost”and some establishments will also offer the use off a sauna – thought by many Finns to be a spiritual as well as a cleansing experience. Don’t expect a fry-up for ‘frukost’ here. Continental breakfast are normally served: fruit, yoghurt, cereal, often with fresh berries and a Finnish touch of black rye bread. They are easier to find in rural locations than in the cities.

Bed & Breakfast in France

‘Le Bed & Breakfast’ est arrivé. From small private homes or farms to elegant chateaux there is a huge choice. Some hosts will offer a cooked breakfast but usually Madame will pop down to the local boulangerie for freshly-baked baguettes and croissants and the jam on the table is often home-made. Hot chocolate is sometimes served at breakfast, but coffee and tea are, of course, readily available. The term ‘Le Bed & Breakfast is commonly used, rather than ‘Chambre d’Hote’.

Bed & Breakfast in Germany

Look for the sign “Zimmer Frei”(rooms free) . A red sign reading “Besetzt” means no vacancies. Sausage is on the breakfast menu but don’t expect sizzling porkers like you get at home. Here it’s cold sausage – i.e. cold meats,. salami, smoked ham, etc. You’ll also be offered boiled eggs, various types of bread and cheeses and jam.


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