Best Fashion Tips for Women

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Staying on top of the hottest fashion trends is one way to create a sense of style there are other ways to create long lasting style that will transition well from season to season. Here are three simple fashion tips and secrets for women on creating long lasting style.

Invest in Key Fashion Pieces

There are key fashion pieces or staples that can be worn each and every season and still look amazing. Rather than indulging in spur of the moment shopping splurges, invest money one or two pieces that are made well and made to last.

Season to season fashion staples that every woman should invest in include:

proper fitting crisp denim jeans
flat knit v-neck long sleeve shirt
white/neutral shade button up shirt or blouse
long cashmere cardigan sweater
high heel leather peep toe pumps
gold or silver plated tank watch
slouchy suede hobo handbag

These items are long standing staples that will truly never go out of style and can be mixed and matched with other fashion pieces with relative ease. Choosing items in neutral shades is also an ideal way to get more out of a piece of clothing or accessory, simply because it can be worn again and again with a variety of styles and trends.

Don’t Rush to Spend

Rather than investing in an item of clothing that can be worn only once or twice a year, spend on items that can be worn regularly throughout most of the year. Before taking out the credit card, make sure that the fashion item being purchased is a must-have item that can be worn again and again rather than a spur of the moment splurge.

Ways to make sure a fashion piece is a good investment:

It fits perfectly on your body type and shape.
It requires absolutely no adjustments or alterations.
It is a fashion piece that will work well with other fashion pieces that you currently own.
It can be mixed and matched with different styles from season to season.

In order to get the most out of your wardrobe, it is critical to choose items very carefully. Make sure the fashion piece being considered for purchase is not the same as or similar to something that is already sitting at home in the closet. In addition, ensure that the fashion piece will work well with at least two or three things in your current wardrobe and can be worn from season to season.

Update With Accessories

There is no better way to update a style or change the look of an outfit than with accessories. Jewelry, handbags, shoes and hair bands are an ideal way to refresh one’s style and bring new life to an outfit.

Rather than buying an excessive number of accessories, invest in pieces that will last. Expensive well-crafted jewelry never goes out of style. The same goes with shoes, handbags and hair bands. Not only will they stay in style, they will look like new and wear extremely well from season to season and year to year.

While it is not necessary to buy the most expensive accessories, it is important to invest wisely. Do some research and check out the jewelry, shoes, head band or accessory being considered for purchase. Look for a brand with a good reputation and only spend on fashion accessory pieces that will be worn regularly. Avoid poorly crafted fashion accessories that will only last one season.

When creating a lasting style that will transition effortlessly from season to season, invest in basic fashion pieces that can be mixed and matched with other fashion items. Wear clothing that fits well and does not require additional alterations and splurge on accessories that can be worn year round with any outfit.


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