Top Indian Restaurants In NYC That You Must Visit Once

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Indian food is getting more and more popular in the states recently. The major reason for this popularity has been repetition. People are apparently and evidently bored with eating the same old western food and are open to trying different types of cuisines.

There are a lot of different options in NYC for eating Indian food. Most famous options are takeout and delivery. However, that is pretty bland, to be honest. In our opinion, if you want to enjoy food from different cultures, it is best to go to the restaurant and eat it over there.

Moreover, there are a lot of great Indian restaurants in Manhattan and NYC in general that provide some of the best Indian food. Today, we will be listing out some of our best Indian restaurants in NYC that you must try. So, let’s get started.

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Best Indian restaurants in NYC

Usha Foods

This is one of the most impressive vegetarian restaurants in NYC. This vegetarian Indian food haven is located in Floral Park, Queens, and is known for its colorful desserts, savory snacks, and fast-casual bites.

The best part about this Indian restaurant is that there are a variety of combos and generous portions available which allow you to try on a lot of different things. This restaurant is also a representation of the fact that you do not need meat for delicious meals.


The name of this restaurant literally means “a place to hang out and eat.” The restaurant situated in long island city is filled with traditional dishes that are rich in butter. The place gives a really authentic feel as it is covered with collages of Indian newspapers.

Punjabi Grocery and Deli

This restaurant is a bit mushier and sloppier, but there is no doubt that it is downright delicious. Indian food offered here largely consists of rice. You have the option to choose between different authentic Indian vegetarian options along with that, like saag paneer and chana masala. It is also very cheap.


The best thing about Dhaba is that it serves Indian staples that are utterly delicious even late into the night. So, if you are craving for Indian food after midnight, this is the right destination for you.

Jackson Diner

At this restaurant, you can enjoy watching Indian TV soaps on Zee TV while enjoying a wide variety of Indian food that includes murgh tikka makhanwala and marinated chicken. You must inform the Chef about your Chilli preferences beforehand.


This restaurant is a slightly upper-class restaurant whose name is based upon a region from the North-Eastern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. According to its name, it also features some of the specialties form that region including masala-wrapped whole fish and leg of lamb.


If you are not a fan of sugary foods then you are lucky enough to find over 70 types of different Indian desserts at this 1970s themed Indian restaurant in NYC.

It does have some sweet Indian dishes as well, like halwa, peda, and different varieties of Barfi. Apart from these, different savory snacks like crackers and chicken pea flour noodles are also served in this restaurant.

Desi Galli

If you are a fan of Indian street food and are living in New York City, then this restaurant is the right place for you. You can easily grab a Nizam roll and mango lassi from this Indian street food restaurant. This spot is more like a shop than a restaurant, it has 22 seating capability and has colorful wall hangings.

Ganesh Temple Canteen

If you want to experience the humility and hospitality of Indian people while staying in New York, this restaurant located in the basement of the Hindu Ganesh temple must be in your checklist. This place is home to a large variety of South Indian dishes including Dosa and Badas.


The word “Amma” literally means “mother” in Hindi. If you want to enjoy the taste of food off your mother’s hands (if she was Indian of course) then this restaurant located in midtown east is the place for you.

At this restaurant, you can enjoy a 7-course tasting menu per person that helps you a great deal in sorting out the à la carte menu. You can also try “bhale puree” or fried okra which is a very popular classic street food in India.

Indian accent

It is a restaurant that sides more towards fine dining and quality experience than simply fun-loving. Regardless, it is the first International output of chef Manish Mehrotra and Rohit Gupta.


When tapestry watch shut in March, owner Roni Mazumdar was swift in setting up another similar Indian restaurant in the state. The main objective of Rahi is to provide traditional Indian foods in and along with a modern touch of the region.

Without a doubt, this restaurant is one of the best Indian restaurants in NYC, but it is a little costlier than some others on this list.


After the success of the Houston restaurant by the same name, owner Anita Jaisinghani came through with its constituent in New York City. It is one of the biggest Indian restaurants in the state.

It features a gigantic 135 seat outpost with walls that are bright and mural painted. The menu is not much different as this restaurant also features special fly breakfast Roti with masala egg and cilantro chutney. Along with paneer Stuffed Paratha with currants and cashews.


Indian restaurants have always been a great presence in the United States. With the country being a land of opportunities many Indians and Asians in general, are immigrating to the United States. Due to this, the number of Indian restaurants has increased massively in the recent past.

However, the major customer base for these Indian restaurants is not only Indian people as many Americans are eating there as well. As the popularity of veganism and vegetarianism rises in the United States, people are delving more and more towards Indian food because most of the Indian foods are vegetarian.

Today, we have taken upon ourselves the task of listing out the best Indian food restaurants in NYC that you must try on your next visit to the state. If you are already a resident, and have been visiting different Indian restaurants, and have experience in this field, you are more than welcome to share your thoughts and drop your recommendations using the comments section down below.


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