Best Investing Opportunities in 2017

March 19, 2023 11:20 am41 commentsViews: 78

The new year brings new opportunities. Everyone wants to know what the latest and greatest investment opportunity will be. Below, we have two promising investment areas that you can take a look at for 2017.

Jump on Overreactions in the Market

With our new president in office, the market has been undergoing some serious changes. In fact, the global bond market has dropped over $1 trillion since President Trump won the election. This is almost exclusively due to the anticipation that president Trump’s new policies will lead to rising government debt and a higher inflation rate.

What’s happening here is that people are trying to predict what is coming on a mass scale. Even if their prediction is accurate, the result of this movement is going too far in that direction, which creates new opportunities.

You can find other examples of those all over the place. Look at investments (stock investments for example) that experienced dramatic shifts immediately after the election. Those are the investments that you want to focus on to take advantage of the public’s tendency to overreact.

India’s Growing Economy

As we know, India has a huge population. It’s one of the most populated countries in the world. It is also experiencing a huge generation of young adults entering their 20’s right now. These are consumers that have a tendency to buy what normal young adults buy. That means they are looking at new cars, smartphones, whatever the next tech craze will be, and purchasing their first homes.

In the past, the citizens of India have made 90% of their transactions with cash. The government is pushing to change that. They declared most bank notes to be illegal and are making their citizens exchange their cash and switch over to relying on digital currency.

In the long-term, this switch is going to help India’s economy. Once the citizens, businesses and the banks in the country all catch up to the change, the central government expects to see major growth in their economy because of the switch.

We expect to see hundreds of millions of Indian citizens to open new accounts and put their money in the banks. This is going to give the banks a lot of cash to invest and loan out. It will also lower the costs required to run the banking system in the country.

It’s a move that will pay off big time in the long run. We expect to see a huge jump in other areas related to this change including a spike in mobile banking and point-of-sale transactions.


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