Brain-Invading Parasites Outbreak In Hawaiian Island

March 19, 2023 3:16 pm83 commentsViews: 179

The Hawaiian island health officials are lately worried following rise in infections that is stemming from a parasitic work capable of invading human brains.

Officials in Hawaiian Island of Maui have confirmed about half dozen cases of rat lungworm disease in past couple of months and investigations are under progress.

Earlier such cases were very rare. In past one decade only two cases were documented.

The sudden outbreak is now a cause of major concern to the health department.

The rat lungworm infection spreads following rats carrying the parasite excrete the larvae of the roundworm in their faces. Other animals like frogs, crabs, snails, freshwater shrimp and slugs thereafter pick it up.

People come in contact after eating such infected animals or even if consuming contaminated raw fruit and vegetables.

Usually there are no symptoms to the infection and most of the people recover on their own. However, in some cases the worm manages reaching the brains and nervous system. This causes intense headaches, numbness, tremors and fever symptoms. Several cases are said to be fatal.

Maui resident and preschool worker Tricia Mynar said, “The parasites are in the lining of my brain, moving around.”

She is said to have contracted while on the Big Island.


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