BREAKING: San Bernardino Wildfire Out Of Control, Emergency Declared

March 16, 2023 4:55 pm48 commentsViews: 321

A state of emergency has been declared in East of Los Angele following Blue Cut fire explodes and goes out of control.

San Bernardino Wildfire Out Of Control, Emergency Declared

More than 82,000 people have been evacuated while a fast-moving fire tears through the California mountain forest communities, 75 miles east of L.A.

The wildfire blazed through dry chaparral throughout the afternoon, making the temperatures reach nearly 100 degrees. The fire erupted in the morning in San Bernardino County.

Dry chaparral is a common ground cover and it works like a catalyst to wildfires.

San Bernardino National Forest spokesperson Travis Mason said, it is an extreme fire condition that moved extremely quickly.

The Interstate 15 near Cajon Pass connecting Los Angeles with Las Vegas has been partially shut down too.

San Bernardino County governor Jerry Brown declared emergency citing the wildfire is threatening the rail traffic too.

TV footage shows towering flames roaring along the freeway and it is burning through neighborhoods in the evening during sunset.

One woman said she escaped the fire but lost her house.

She added, “We sat there with flames all around us… The smoke was so thick, as soon as the smoke cleared, we could see everything was gone.”

Many structures have been destroyed and exact figure is yet to be known.

Fire officials said about 34,500 homes are under evacuation.


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