Brexit Is Bad For UK Public Services: Irish People

March 17, 2023 4:02 pm1 commentViews: 94

Most of the Iris people believe Brexit would be bad for the United Kingdom public services.


In a latest survey just 19 percent of the respondents from Deloitte say leaving European Union would be good for public services, which is lower than the UK average of 28 percent.

It is being said Brexit will bring challenges as well as opportunities for the devolved administration in Northern Ireland.

It is not to forget Ireland is uniquely exposed to Brexit and UK to have only land border with an EU member state.

It is also learned Ireland has not made any agreement with the government on how to control travel to the UK from its airports and ports.

Irish Prime Minister taoiseach said, “We don’t have an agreement because we don’t know what the British are looking for.”

He also pledged no return to the borders of the past. The PM added a Common Travel Area has been in existance since 1923.

Meanwhile, Food prices hit a record low last month in the United Kingdom and shoppers enjoyed falling prices and retailers continued with the offers and discounts, reveals the latest British Retail Consortium (BRC)-Nielsen study.


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