British Backpacker Shares Story Of Being Kidnapped By Friend In Australia

March 18, 2023 6:52 am7 commentsViews: 384

British backpacker Mary Kate Heys recalls her story when she was kidnapped, as claimed by her earlier, in Queensland, Australia by a Swedish backpacker with whom she befriended in the hostel during her two weeks visit to the Sunshine Coast.

Both the new friends agreed going on an adventure that she never expected to be turning the other way as there was no reason not to trust the 23-year-old man after spending every day together.

The 20-year-old brunette from Manchester soon found the man’s demeanour changed in the journey and she started fearing for her life. Instead of going to Brisbane, as promised, the man drove towards south, the opposite direction. He said they are actually going to Cairns, an 18-hour drive.

The man had asked her to carry only important belongings and not even her phone. However, she insisted on bringing the device with her on the tour.

She tried taking help at a petrol station when the car stopped after about an hour drive informing attendant to contact police and give the details of the vehicle.

Heading ahead she started messaging her father about her situation and contact Australia police from the other side of the world. She continued sharing her location too. This worked out and police pulled over her friend at Gympie, 85 km north of the hostel in Mooloolaba.

The police have sent the man to hospital as he is believed to be suffering from mental illness. No charges have been pressed on him on request of the British girl saying she hopes he gets better.


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