British PM Theresa May To Promise Tax Cuts Post-Brexit For Businesses

March 18, 2023 12:15 am1 commentViews: 183

The second big thing to do for British Prime Minister Theresa May before initiating Article 50 for the withdrawal of United Kingdom from Britain is to woo big business houses of the country with promises of tax cuts.


In her first speech to a CBI conference it is learned the PM may promise 2 billion pound of investment in science and research. She may also speak about tax breaks for innovators in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

A further cut could be on her speech card in corporation tax after the Brexit process is completed and she may also ensure for increasing tax credits for research and development.

Earlier May had said to business houses, “We believe in business- the entrepreneurs and the innovators who employ millions of people up and down this country.”

Experts believe May would also be suggesting Tories will be cutting corporation tax to below 15 percent that has been promised by United States President-elect Donald Trump in his election campaign.

The focus of May is not to have the lowest corporate tax rate for the UK, but also to the profoundly pro-innovation one.

However, at the G20 summit the PM may face calls from pro-EU CBI for a smooth Brexit and to avoid businesses falling off a cliff edge.


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