Can Guys Make Money On OnlyFans?

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Can guys make money on OnlyFans?

If yes, How Much Money Do Guys Make From Fans Only?

Particularly since the pandemic breakout in 2019, OnlyFans have had a sizable fanbase. People were desperately looking for money since they needed it so badly. OnlyFans helped many content producers by offering a dependable source of funding. Many men ponder whether they can support themselves as guys by getting fans only. This is a legitimate concern given that the majority of OnlyFans’ content producers are women.

OnlyFans arose from the ashes when the pandemic struck. Despite its beginnings as a channel for celebrities to interact with their followers, the site was swiftly seized by producers of adult content.

Thankfully, OnlyFans is for more than just female content creators; many male content creators thrive on the site.

Let’s examine the average forum earnings. We can observe that the majority of men who actively update content on their fan page make between $80-$150 each month from memberships.

Because you sell yourself rather than items on OnlyFans, this is why they need to advertise themselves or think about building a long-term brand, which contributes to their poor income. This essay will teach you “how to make money on OnlyFans as a male.”

Open a profile on

Before you can start making money on OnlyFans, you will be asked to confirm your identification when you choose to “Add a bank.”

Boom! Now those subscription fees are available, and you can publish videos and photographs to your OnlyFans page.

The best money-making strategies used by OnlyFans creators

On OnlyFans, make two accounts

A cunning technique to raise the number of subscribers to your main account on OnlyFans is to create two accounts. Here’s how to make use of the two versions of OnlyFans. Create a paid subscription account for access to special content and a report that is free to view. Routine content can be uploaded to transfer users from a free account to a paid one.

If you create pornographic content, you may tease your upcoming videos on a free-to-view account and then nudge your followers to subscribe to your paid channel so they can see the whole thing. Upload seductive shots of your lean figure to get more fans to pay you for more appealing pictures and videos.

Replies to Direct Messages

Direct messages are the simplest method to start earning money on OnlyFans. Direct messages can help you make a decent living regardless of how large or tiny your following is. Many well-known male video producers have stated that simple tips on direct messages make up a sizable amount of their income. People want to chat with the performers. Feel free to first connect with your audience by sharing a sizzling image or a compelling message.

Post pictures on Reddit

Reddit should only be used by content creators who have fans as their audience. Reddit users should regularly post photos because the site has a sizable male po*nographic readership. You should anticipate a 3-5% increase in subscribers.

Jointly produce content on OnlyFans

Being a male on OnlyFans is complex, but you can make a lot of money if you’re smart. On OnlyFans, couples are in high demand, and fans of adult content like witnessing live intercourse between two individuals. Post content on OnlyFans as a couple while attempting to satisfy the audience’s desires. According to adult content developers, subscribers are more willing to tip couples who produce p*rnographic content.

Organize a pool party with prominent models

Another sneaky method for collecting more money on OnlyFans is to organize a pool party with well-known models and p*rn celebrities. Make plans for a pool party and ensure all of your tools, including cameras, microphones, lights, and other tools, are in working order. To make the event extraordinary, provide captivating content with well-known models and p*rn stars. This fashion is becoming more and more fashionable.

Is it challenging for men to earn money on OnlyFans?

No. Male adult content creators can make thousands of dollars per month. However, if you were to ask me which group of people makes the most money, I would say girls, couples, and then male content creators.

For instance, the creator of OnlyFans is a man who makes over $20,000.

Using substitutes for OnlyFans

Particularly since they outlawed adult content in August (a decision later overturned), many OnlyFans alternatives have emerged. These platforms are resolving significant problems like discoverability. Think of a platform where users may get fans without advertising and where your only responsibility is producing high-quality content. Two instances of businesses finding solutions are Friendly (a platform where you can create TikTok-style videos, start a subscription business, and gain friends without doing anything) and Fanvue (an Instagram-like content distribution platform).

Main Points

● It is commonly believed that male content creators cannot make money on the forum because most OnlyFans content creators are female, and most platform subscribers are male. That is not the situation. It cannot be predictably perfectly answered can guys make money on only fans 

● You could make it if you work hard and are committed to consistency; you can make a lot of money on OnlyFans.

So, Can Guys make money on Only Fans? What You Need to Know


Can Guys Make Money On OnlyFans? Do you want to know if men may profit from OnlyFans? On the platform called OnlyFans, users can post stuff intended for adults only. Since its launch in 2016, this social media site has accumulated over 170 million active users. OnlyFans is one of the many apps you can use to earn money. Contrary to popular belief, men can utilize OnlyFans to work from home and earn money online, just like women. You may increase your income and generate money online with OnlyFans.

Even though OnlyFans has long been perceived as a female-dominated website, the story has now taken on a new angle. You may create content as a male, submit it on OnlyFans, and earn money from your phone.

The advantages and privileges female content creators enjoy may not be available to men. Since the majority of users on OnlyFans are female content producers, your content as a man might be less well received. With the aid of DoNotPay, your work can still be shown on OnlyFans, allowing you to develop and upload it without worry.


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