Cannabis Could Be the New Cure for Cancer

March 15, 2023 11:24 pm53 commentsViews: 298

According to new advice announced by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana can obliterate cancer cells and cause some serious types of brain tumours to shrink. In its revised publication on marijuana, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that the drug, which has been recently legalised in certain US states, has some benefits for cancer patients.

Cannabis Could Be the New Cure for Cancer

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Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Researchers and marijuana users have long claimed that cannabis has anti-tumour qualities. Although marijuana itself has not yet been approved by the FDA, studies of cannabinoids, the chemicals in cannabis, has led the FDA to approve a total of two medications which contain cannabinoids. Currently, two of the around 100 cannabinoids are of medical interest. These are known as THC and CBD. THC has a number of medical benefits, including increasing the appetite and reducing symptoms of nausea. CBD is an interesting cannabinoid as it does not have any effect on the mind or behaviour. It is known for being useful in minimising inflammation and pain, controlling epilepsy and seizures, and possibly treating some mental health conditions and addictions.

Medical Values of Marijuana

This new advice from the US National Institute on Drug Abuse comes as a group of senators put increasing pressure on the federal government to recognise the medicinal values of the drug. Scientists are also conducting clinical trials and other preclinical studies into the effects and benefits of marijuana on a range of conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, some mental health disorders, addictions and substance misuse, pain, and seizures.
With cancer cases on the rise, cannabis could be the medication that brings patients and their families new hope. The legalisation of medical marijuana across 23 US states is proving the medical benefits of the drug.


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