Chechen Parliament Nods Yes To Wearing Hijabs In Schools

April 18, 2023 2:24 am12 commentsViews: 98

Chechen will soon allow schoolchildren to wear hijab headscarf in classes. A related bill has been passed by its parliament adding the religious clothes or symbols should not though harm the children’s health and contradict federal laws.

Chechen parliament’s Committee for Education, Science and Culture, Bekhan Khazbulatov, said the educational policies of educational organizations must follow without any infringement to national traditions.

There is no single school uniform in Russia and local authorities can introduce standard school dress at regional and municipal levels.

Chechen introduced school dress last year in September 1 in the capital city Grozny and it includes a red headscarf for female students.

The Russian Supreme Court ruled in 2015 to uphold on central Russian Republic of Mordovia. It rejected Mordovian Muslim community complaint that claimed such ban violated constitutional principle of freedom of conscience.

Earlier this year in February Presidential Council for Human Rights urged both the federal as well as regional authorities to come up with an unambiguous solution.

The presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said today Kremlin didn’t have any specific position to the problem.

In 2012 Russian President Vladimir Putin opposed wearing of hijab in schools.

He added, “We should see how our neighbors, European states deal with (wearing hijabs). And everything will become clear.”


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