Countries Must Accept Refugees To The Limit They Can Integrate: Pope Francis

March 17, 2023 5:44 pm18 commentsViews: 131

Pope Francis said Tuesday countries accepting refugees should be also prudent about welcoming as many as they can integrate into their societies.


Aboard the papal flight while returning from Sweden to Rome he added to the reporters one cannot close heart to a refugee, but countries should also proceed to integrate them.

The pontiff further said, “If a country has a capacity of 20 for integration, let’s say, do it up to that… If more, do more.”

In a 40-minute press conference Pope Francis talked about refugees, process of secularization in Europe, Catholic church’s ban on the priestly ordination of women and his visit at the Vatican with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who is currently being criticized for acting like an authoritarian and ongoing economic crisis in the country.

Francis was on a two-day visit to Sweden, which is known for the acceptance of high rate of asylum seekers in its history. Last year the country welcomed about 160,000 refugees and migrants, but lately it has started considering stricter controls.

The pope said Sweden is known for not only receiving refugees but also integrating the people with offers of homes, schools and work.

About conflicts he continued that dialogue is the only way out and there is no other path.

He said, “I believe that you must go on this path… I do not know how it will end up.”


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