Cruise Ship Excursions in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Although certainly worthy of a longer stay, many tourists only have one day to explore Dubrovnik since they are arriving on a cruise ship. With only a day to explore, there are some awe-inspiring sights and incredible food and wine that should not be missed.

Cruise Ship Excursions in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Docking in Dubrovnik, cruise goers are instantly greeted with spectacular views of the Franjo Tudjman Bridge, one of Europe’s most amazing stay cable suspension bridges. Designed to withstand brutal winter storms, this bridge was built in 2002 and named after Croatia’s first President who was elected in 1990. Visitors can travel away from the bridge towards Dubrovnik’s thriving old town or cross the bridge and explore the beautiful countryside.

Lokrum – Popular Island Hangout Near Dubrovnik

Only a 10 minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik, this island is a popular excursion destination for locals and tourists alike. Lokrum has a botanical garden, a lake called the Dead Sea, and a fortress that looks back into Dubrovnik. Also of note to some, Lokrum has a world famous nudist beach on the island. Since the island is such a short ferry ride across, many people combine a quick visit with some sightseeing in Old Town to fill their day in Dubrovnik.

Ston and Mali Ston – Largest Defensive Walls in Europe

For visitors wanting to explore the countryside, travel across the bridge and away from the Old Town for some more breathtaking scenery. Located less than an hour from the cruise ship port, this area has some interesting historical sights worth checking out.

Ston has historical beginnings as a center for salt mining, which continues today. Visitors can walk around the old salt mines right across the street from the village center. Mali Ston is located just across the street from Ston along the bay, which is home to numerous mussel and oyster farms. Some of the best seafood found throughout Europe is imported from Croatia, many of the oysters and mussels from Mali Ston. Stop by one of the restaurants on the bay and be treated to some of the freshest seafood imaginable, along with tasting some locally produced red wines.

Besides the fresh seafood, one of the best reasons to visit Ston and Mali Ston is to see the largest fortified wall in Europe, also one of the largest in the world. The fortress walls connect the Ston and Mali Ston areas. When Mali Ston was founded in 1335 as part of the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik), its purpose was a defensive town and shares some similarities to Dubrovnik.

Trsteno – World Famous Arboretum and Renaissance Park

For those choosing to visit Ston and Mali Ston, be sure to also stop by Trsteno which is also along the way. Originally home to many sea captains and seamen, Trsteno is now home to a world famous Arboretum and Renaissance park dating back to the 15th century. Filled with beautiful flowers and plants, the historic area provides breathtaking views of the Adriatic and neighboring islands.

For those wishing to travel beyond the Dubrovnik area, many private tours are available that take visitors deeper into Croatia’s countryside, with options to tour private farms and try local specialities like olives, and wine.

No matter which excursions visitors choose, Croatia is sure to delight. As a UNESCO site, Dubrovnik has endured significant turmoil through the years, both natural and manmade, yet it still shines as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.


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