Romantic Date Night Ideas To Spice Up Things

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Are you on the search for some romantic and fun date night ideas at home? Then you are at the right place! We have curated a list of some romantic yet cheap date night ideas that you can try at home now.

Whether you are stuck indoors due to the pandemic or just too lazy to go out, whatever be the reason, we have got you covered with these stay at home date ideas.

Cook your favorite meal together

It’s time to take out your recipe books and plan an at-home date night with your spouse by cooking a gourmet meal together. Spend the entire evening together and gain confidence in the kitchen at the same time. It’s time to impress each other with your culinary skills. If you are looking for cheap yet romantic date night ideas at home, this will be a perfect choice.

Plan a picnic

A picnic can be a fun way of switching up things and bringing the spark back to your relationship. Get cheese, grapes, baguette, and other snack items and spread out a cozy blanket on your living room floor, and spend some romantic time together on your date night at home.

Wine taste at home

It’s time to try something new for a fun date night at home. Sign up for a wine tasting club or maybe just choose your preferred bottles and play wine tasting at home. Sit with your partner, swirl up the wine glasses, and choose your favorite wine flavor together.  

Another fun stay at home date ideas is hiding the labels of your wine bottles and seeing if you both can identify the priciest and cheapest wine based on taste.

Do a bake-off challenge.

Challenge your partner for a bake-off this weekend. This is among the cheap romantic date night ideas you should definitely try at home. Turn your kitchen into a Cupcake War zone and show off your skills and art with fresh baked goods. Don’t worry if they look Instagram worthy just make sure they taste good.

Movie-night in your backyard

Planning a movie night in your backyard may not be a cheap date night idea but is definitely a very romantic way to spend time at home under the night sky. All you need to do is a set up a blank wall in your backyard and enjoy your movie cuddling under a comfy blanket with some popcorns.

Do a fun cardio workout.

Staying at home and planning a date night sounds like an impossible task. Even if you work out every day at home during quarantine, we bet your exercises are not cardio jazz kind. Ste out of your comfort zone and make your bond strong by doing fun dancing cardio together.

Enjoy a spa night

Are you looking for some romantic date night ideas to plan at home? It’s time to dig in your bathroom cabinets for face masks, moisturizers, bath bombs, and other beauty products you might be saving for a special day. Plan a spa night together, put n our robes, slice lemons and cucumbers, and enjoy a relaxing time. Give each other massages that will surely add a romantic touch to your stay at home date night.

Clean out your closets

Do some household chores together. Start with cleaning your cupboards, try on clothes and discard the ones that don’t look good. Turn this boring chore into a fun date night idea at home by doing a fashion show in front of each other and pick the best clothes. You can also do a little online shopping together.

Play video games

If you both are a video game fanatic, there is no better stay at home date night than playing video games together. Bring out the competitive side and spice up the games. You can decide to play against or with each other and brag about who made the most points. A challenge to a board game

You might have a few old board games lying around the house. Why not challenge each other and see who wins? Also, decide on a dare together for a person who loses. Who said dates are expensive? These cheap date night ideas are a must-try at home and are also fun. 

Tune your house into a dance club 

We don’t know when we will go to a dance club next time and dance the night away. We have a golden chance to turn our home into a dance club for one night. Make a pop playlist, mix some cocktails, and set the mood to dance the night away in your living room.

Plant a garden

Take out some time from your Work-From-Home schedule and plant some cute herbs and plants in your backyard. It’s fun to get dirty sometimes, plus you are doing something together to make your home beautiful and lush. You can also include your kids and impress them later with the fruits grown in your backyard. 

Play college drinking games

Sure, the old college party days will never come back again; however, you can pay tribute to the past by reliving some old memories. Plan a romantic beer pong date night at home by flipping your kitchen table. Show off your master skills to each other and turn a boring night into a fun date night.

Play card games  

War, rummy, poker, go fish- there are so many games that you can play with a deck of cards. If you have nothing to do, then put ahead a card game challenge in front of your partner. Do not forget to add a dare to spice up the things a little bit. After all, the plan is to make the bond stronger. 

Go camping

Remember the time when we used to make pillow forts? Do it again, but this time with your partner. Take out your tents, sleeping bags, and turn your living room into a camping ground. Roast marshmallows on the gas stove, watch a movie on your laptop, snuggling under the blankets, or do some storytelling.

Start your own book club.

If you and your partner love to read books, then this time, read the same book together. This will invite more deep conversations than you can think of, other than your work situation and pandemic.

Books are one of the best escape from the real world and lets each other see the intellectual side of each other, the characters you like, and the content you enjoy.


There is nothing more romantic than spending a night under the sky full of stars. Spread a blanket out in the backyard and lie down together, holding hands, and just lookup. Stargazing will remind you of how small you are compared to the vastness of the universe. Trust me; you will get lost in the beautiful night sky.

Play hide and seek

This may sound silly, but silly is what the relationship needs at times. Switch off the lights and play, hide, and seek. Play naked to add some spice *wink*.

Candle-lit date night

Turn off all the lights of your home and light candles the entire night. You will notice that your house will turn into a romantic honeymoon suite-like feel. You can do whatever you want next.

Play mini-golf

Rev up your home with the help of some DIY using cardboards and cups to make golf holes. The entire process of making your gold court at home will be equally fun as playing it. You can even include your kids and turn it into a fun family night at home.

Have a deep conversation

If you haven’t talked properly for a few days due to work obligations, then it’s time to make some deep conversations. Play sleepover games like Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever. These games will spark some intense and goofy conversations, and you will forget how long you both have been talking for.

Write love letters to Each Other.

 Take out a pen and paper and think about your relationship together. Pen down the things you appreciate about each other and put your feelings into words. When it’s done, share the letter with each other and read it while sitting in two different rooms. The process of sharing letters will bring you two close to each other and spark intimacy.

Go through old photos.

Take out all your photo boxes, scrapbooks, and albums and walk a trip down your memory lane. Looks at the pictures in your wedding album and pick some good ones to get framed and get them hanged in your house. Going through old photos, telling fun stories about your childhood, this will strengthen your emotional bond with each other.


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