Do Auto Brokers Really Save Money? – Are They Worth It?


Whenever someone is looking to buy a new car there is a lot of things to consider and analyze. Some people find all of this very confusing and tiresome and choose to seek help from a professional. So, those people choose to hire an auto broker. For those who are not aware of what an auto broker is, auto brokers are middlemen who will perform all the negotiation and analyzing process on your behalf and all you have to do is pay him a fixed fee.

In reality, the cost of auto brokers can be high, the flat fee in America can range from $200 and $500 per vehicle. The individuals are trained professionals and are certified by law to do this job. Today, we will learn all about the auto brokers and how they can save you money if they can.

How can auto brokers save you money?

There is no denying the fact that auto brokers are professionals in their job. They have the required negotiation skills and knowledge that make them efficient to perform as a broker. They are aware of the ins and outs of the business in a way that a normal buyer will never be able to learn. Apart from knowledge, some of these brokers have years of experience in this industry.

You must always look for an auto broker that has experience in the field. Although they may be more costly the services offered by them will be of high quality. The last decision depends upon the car that you are about to purchase and the overall cost of the car itself.

Usually, the car agent will try to hike the cost of a car by adding unnecessary services to the price of the car and if you hire a broker, he will be able to get rid of all those charges along with the time that you would have wasted in negotiation if it was not for the broker.

Many people are working in an industry that requires them to be away for a long period for them it is not feasible to waste that much time in getting a deal that is only decent at maximum. Auto brokers can help you with the following:

New cars: Most auto brokers try to seek assignments in this segment. There is the number of advantages that you can have by hiring an auto broker like these broker services can often get you the required factory-installed features, a specific color, upholstery, and a model that you want.

Used cars: This is a less popular category but there are some auto brokers that can help you buy used cars at reasonable pricing. the Good thing here is the negotiation range in respect of the old cards is way larger than the newer cars and you can get heavy discounts with the help of an auto broker.

Car leases: Many people find leasing a car more complicated and difficult than buying a car and it is true up to some extent. The quality of a car lease deal depends completely upon the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease contract.

A normal person cannot be expected to have all the knowledge about the legal language which is used in the contracts so there are certain terms and conditions which are included in the contracts which a person cannot understand that is when a professional comes in and protect you from receiving losses from the dealership.

How to find the right auto broker for you?

Now that we have mentioned all the benefits that you can have if you hire an auto broker, we must say that not all auto brokers out there can be this helpful, in order to achieve these benefits you need to find the auto broker which is right for your deal. As per MSN auto, there are few things that you must look in the car buying agent:

  • If he provides services such as customization options, trade-in broking, and delivery?
  • It does not have any links to the dealership in the form of kickbacks or payments.
  • Receives the percentage of savings.
  • The fee is not as high and is around $200 – $2,000.

If you find a good auto broker, after you have managed to negotiate a price at an affordable level, the auto broker will then charge the lower fee for doing the rest of the work.

Another key thing that you must keep in mind is that hiring an auto broker can be a great choice for you when it comes to choosing the right auto insurance. It is best to leave insurance to the experts because an auto broker has experience in this field and is working for you. He will much likely get you a better deal.

Even if the auto broker that you have hired is not a professional or expert in the insurance business. It is highly recommended to avoid choosing the insurance for your car yourself and hire an independent insurance agent to help you throughout the process.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that regardless of how efficient and good the services provided by the auto broker are, all of that would be worth nothing if you pay the broker way more than your saved, which will completely nullify the benefits that you have achieved.

There are a large number of people who hire a broker who is not charging high but the services of low quality and those people are left with highly dissatisfied experience. Do not hire an auto broker who receives kickbacks or commissions from the dealership itself and make sure of this because a dealer would not simply tell you about the connection, you will have to find it some way.

After doing all the paperwork and getting the car in your driveway, it is time to hit the road and brag in front of your friends about how good of a deal that you have got by playing it smart and not losing money.

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Ayushman Rajawat