Does Personality Causes Cancer

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“Most illness, including breast cancer, has an emotional as well as a physical cause. Tumors of all types may arise after a sudden shock, loss, or conflict,” says Sat Dharam Kaur, naturopathic doctor and author of The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer.

Cancer is caused by several factors: the environment, bad habits such as smoking or drinking, and perhaps even unknowingly ingesting too many pesticides on fruit or veggies. There are many ways to prevent cancer, such as quitting smoking and eating organic produce. One cancer prevention theory revolves around the cancer personality or the idea that personality causes cancer.

The “cancer personality” is just a theory: cancer researchers have found no link between personality and cancer.

Following are a few psychological ways to prevent breast cancer. Even if there’s no link between personality and cancer, we still need to do all we can to stay physically and emotionally healthy.

The Theory of How Personality Causes Cancer

“Women more prone to cancer of any kind are sometimes those who put the needs of others first and are perceived as ‘good, kind, and nice,’” says naturopathic doctor Sat Dharam Kaur. “They are often unable to express their anger or negative emotions.”

If you swallow or suppress negative emotions, you may be initiating a build up of toxins or poisons in your body. This is one theory of the “cancer personality”. The more limiting or negative your beliefs about yourself are, the more likely you’ll get sick – whether it’s depression, breast cancer, or another illness.

To Help Prevent Breast Cancer, Focus on Healthy Beliefs

In Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer, Kaur lists 18 healthy beliefs that can change the “cancer personality.” He says that if personality causes cancer, these healthy beliefs about yourself can keep you physically and emotionally healthy.

Whether or not a “cancer personality” exists, there are definitely several healthy beliefs that may help reduce a woman’s chances of breast cancer.


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