Donald Trump Uses Anti-Hair Drug That Has Side Affects

March 18, 2023 10:13 pm8 commentsViews: 883

A drug named finasteride is used to combat male-pattern baldness and United States President Donald Trump is lately known taking it, but does he knows the potential side effects.

One of the most extensively reported side effects of finasteride is related to sexual aspect of a person. There are other syndrome too like psychological and physical changes.

FDA approved a related brand of the drug named Propecia in 1997 and it was found there was a sudden increase in the prescriptions of the drug, but then it was unknown the finasteride increases prostates and leads to sexual dysfunction.

The following year trials were conducted on more than 1,500 men aged between 18 and 41. It was found 4.2 percent of the subjects reported sexual dysfunction.

Later it was found the sexual sideaffects continued even after the drug was discontinued.

Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted a study in 2012 and found 54 percent of the men below age group of 40. It was found most of the people had long-running sexual dysfunction even after discontinuing the drug.

The study is a warning to us while opting for medication for such treatment.

As of now it is not yet clearly known whether the drug is absolutely safe to use.


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