Drug, Alcohol Addiction Is Treatable, Immediate Action Required

April 19, 2023 12:58 pm17 commentsViews: 327

Drug addiction illness is complex and intense too. Sometimes it goes up to uncontrollable drug craving, but it starts from just voluntary act of taking drugs.

Addiction is a disease of brain and biologically it is said to affect several brain circuits including learning and memory, reward and motivation, and inhibitory control over behavior as well.

Treatment is usually not simple as there are many dimensions to drug abuse and its addiction. However, the focus of it should be to make an individual quit taking drug and maintain a drug-free lifestyle. The treatment also looks ahead to achieve productive functioning at work, in family and in society as well.

As addiction is said to be a typically chronic disease, sudden stopping of drugs cannot cure an individual. It has been seen people returning back to it after pause of few days or months. This is the reason cure should also consider long-term solution and not repeated episode. The goal must always be sustained abstinence and recovery of lives.

National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reveals there are 23.2 million persons of age 12 and above who needs treatment. The data is of 2007 and by now the figure may have increased further.

If believed to scientific researches, drug or alcohol addiction can be treated. Millions of cases have also proved people stopping drugs completely and recovering their lives.


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