E-Cigarettes Equally Harmful Like Tobacco Cigarettes: Study

April 26, 2023 6:54 pm117 commentsViews: 141

The growing trend of smoking is with electronic device, the e-cigarettes, which has giant immense popularity after awareness of health damages caused from traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, a new study suggests the new product too is harmful.

E-Cigarettes Equally Harmful Like Tobacco Cigarettes: Study

One of the recent studies conducted by German Cancer Institute says the e-cig gives same effects to our body as the real cigarette. A chemical named carcinogenic is found in it that is not good for health.

American Lung Association too found the chemical in their test to the electronic device. In a statement the organization wrote many leading brands too are using such toxic ingredients in their e-cigarettes that is considered as cancer-causing chemicals.

The ingredients include antifreeze and formaldehyde. These are highly dangerous for our body.

It is also reported the e-cigs contain nanoparticles that cause inflammation like that of suffering from asthma, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Apart from all these, e-cigarettes are also found to be addictive in tests.


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