Egyptian Man Arrested in Saudi for Sharing Meal at Desk with Female Co-Worker

September 8, 2018 9:47 am27 commentsViews: 51

Saudi Arabia has detained a worker from an Egyptian hotel who is alleged to have appeared in an offensive video in which he is seen eating breakfast with a female colleague.

Sharing a meal at a desk the co-worker waves her one hand to the camera while feeding the Egyptian man with her other hand. The video is filmed by the man himself.

The video has sparked outrage on social media. A ministry statement reveals the man has been arrested in Jeddah of the ultra-conservative kingdom and hotel owner has been summoned for not abiding to the government regulations.

The woman was draped in Islamic niqab from head to toe.

The footage has become viral in such a time when the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ended decades-long bans on cinemas and women driving. Lately some mixed-gender concerts have been allowed.

However, earlier this year the country had closed a female fitness centre in Riyadh following promotional video showing a woman in tight gym clothes.

In June head of the entertainment authority was sacked after women were featured in a circus wearing skintight leotards.


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