Eiffel Tower Under Threat? Three Suspects Spotted. Tower Closed For Few Hours

April 26, 2023 10:30 pm15 commentsViews: 349

France had closed for few hours the entry of tourists to its popular Eiffel Tower earlier today after three intruders were seen ascending with large rucksacks. After a search the anti-terrorist police failed to get hold of the three suspects.

Eiffel Tower Under Threat. Three Suspects Spotted. Tower Closed For Few Hours

The police have come up with a theory the three were extreme sportsmen and managed to escape via parachute. At about 5:30 am it was reported three people were climbing the most popular tourist attraction from outside.

The men completely disappeared and so the enquiries are talking about them being extreme parachutists.

The Eiffel Tower had earlier too been threatened several times by terrorist groups including ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Three gunmen had attacked in a media house too in the city earlier this year.

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