Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island Tour In NYC

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The Empire State Building is one of the most imposing and magnificent skyscrapers in the world and a visit to the top of it is a must when visiting New York. The express lift takes visitor’s up to the top of the building from which a view across the New York skyline is visible, including a view of the Chrysler, the Rockefeller Centre and on a really clear day the Statue of Liberty.

The Empire State Building may be more famous than the Rockefeller Centre but the view from the Top of the Rock is just as good if not slightly better. From the Rockefeller Centre the skyline is just as visible as from the Empire State, but there is also a great view across Central Park which the Empire State doesn’t have.

The ferry to the Statue of Liberty goes from the bottom of the island at Battery Park, and go regularly all day every day. Again the City Pass can be used to visit the Statue of Liberty and altogether the trip will take 1-2 hours. The statue on its own is fantastic but there is also a history of it within and a museum of immigration on the beautiful Ellis Island.

The statue is off the South end of Manhattan Island and at the opposite end to Central Park and the bulk of the museums, galleries and landmarks but it is easy to reach via the Subway and bus. Alternatively, a walk from Battery Park to Central Park will pass Ground Zero, Soho, Greenwich and many other landmarks making the long walk very entertaining.


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