Experts interpret Trump trying readjustment US, Turkey positions with troops withdrawal

January 23, 2023 6:32 am68 commentsViews: 60

Trump’s announcement to withdraw troops from Syria probably mean to many he is seeking readjustment of US and Turkish positions in the war-torn country. It is also interpreted as clearing way for Israel to crack down heavily against the Hezbollah terrorist group.

For long Israel has gestured zero tolerance for Iran helping the Hezbollah by adding long-range precision missiles to the group’s arsenal. Amid such situation Washington will play an important role in preventing messy conflict that would pave the way for wider war.

Israel will be having elections on April 9 and probably the coalition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would emerge winner to form the next government. If so, Hezbollah would be dealing a serious blow and its sponsors will be left over difficult spot.

Similarly, the foreign policy in Afghanistan too will decide the position of the Taliban. If believed to insider in Trump administration, the president has not yet taken any decision on the future force levels in the country.

However, it is believed Trump would not make the same mistake as former President Obama did in Iraq by pulling out the US troops. A complete withdrawal means destabilizing the region.

Over the announcement of troops withdrawal from Afghanistan the Taliban cheered, but now the terror group would be disappointed. It is also being said the Taliban fighters would be targeted by drones.


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