Facebook, Google To Crack Hard On Fake News Websites

March 17, 2023 10:41 pm1 commentViews: 138

Misinformation may not have any good place on Google and Facebook. The two tech giants have come forward to prevent fake-news websites. Their ad-selling services would take a look to those to bar generating revenues.


According to Facebook spokesman, the fake-news websites fall under the category of misleading, illegal or deceptive sites and would not be in the bin of Facebook Audience Network.

Google too talked about its plans in preventing its advertisement from being placed on those pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about the publisher.

During the recent United States presidential election fake news stories spread widely on Facebook and lately on Sunday Google too experienced a story on a right-wing blog stating Presidential-elect won the popular vote appeared atop some of the search results.

The two companies have been criticized and were also urged from critics to prevent such false and misinformation news from spreading as those hurt political discourse as well as has sharpened divisions among the voters too.

Facebook spokesman added they have updated their policy to explicitly clarify those applies to fake news.

Meanwhile, the social platform has also denied fake news on its site had affected the latest presidential election in America.

Google too has avoided such controversies as the false news were mostly shared on social media sites where as Google search results favoured reliable news websites.


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