Foods to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

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Eating foods to lower blood pressure naturally on a regular basis, from hydrating vegetables to oils rich in omega fatty acids, is a necessary foundational measure to controlling hypertension. With a focused high blood pressure diet plan, exercise, and habits to minimize stress, the “silent killer” can be prevented, managed, and even cured. High blood pressure does not have to be a way of life, but an impetus to a more healthy diet and lifestyle.

Why Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally – The Importance of Controlling Hypertension

Learning how to lower blood pressure naturally may be one of the most vital aspects of good health. It is estimated that as many as one-third of Americans suffer from hypertension and with modern diets filled with high-sodium, highly processed foods, those numbers will be difficult to change. Using a high blood pressure diet plan can help to improve factors such as nutritional-deficiencies, plaque build-up on artery walls, and excess sodium, which all contribute to a state of hypertension.

Known as the “silent killer” because many people who have high blood pressure do not know it, this condition can lead to serious health problems. Blood vessel walls lose elasticity and become prone to injury, the heart is forced to work harder to pump the same amount of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to all bodily tissue, and plaque build-up further impedes blood flow. The result is a strained heart and a reduction of healthy blood to tissue, limiting the functioning ability of organs. High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure.

Medication is one option for controlling hypertension, although drugs generally do not address the root causes of the problem, and lead to dependency. Eating foods to lower blood pressure naturally can reduce the causes of the condition, while at the same time greatly improving overall health.

The High Blood Pressure Diet Plan

There are a number of guidelines to follow in the high blood pressure diet plan. First, minimize the amount of sodium in the diet – an excess of sodium leads to water retention, and puts extra pressure on the blood vessels. Consume lots of potassium-rich foods to balance sodium in the body, as well as magnesium and calcium. Deficiencies of these three minerals are linked with high blood pressure.

Be sure to get plenty of fiber to help prevent the build up of waste and toxins in the body. Also, stay hydrated with water and fresh fruit juices such as carrot, beet, and watermelon, to help flush out toxins and improve blood circulation. Eat foods with essential fatty acids which help remove plaque build-up on artery walls by their slippery nature. Finally, limit fatty, processed, and salty foods, especially processed meats, aged cheeses, and packaged foods.

Foods to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

The bulk of healthy foods to lower blood pressure naturally are fruits and vegetables, which provide water, fiber, and nutrients; whole grains, which are rich in fiber and nutrients; and, lean proteins and healthy fats which will not clog arteries, but help clean them instead.

green leafy vegetables
brown rice
flax seed oil
virgin olive oil
chicken and turkey breast

Eat these foods to lower blood pressure regularly, as well as similar sources of nutrients, essential fatty acids, and fiber. Not only will this diet plan help to lower blood pressure, but it will also improve overall vitality.


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