Gambian Ex-President Yahya Jammeh Left Country Stealing Over 500m Dalasis

January 22, 2017 10:18 pm0 commentsViews: 47

Exiled Gambian ex-President Yahya Jammeh has stolen more than 500 millions of dalasis from the country during his last few weeks of power, claims a special adviser for the newly elected president Adama Barrow on Sunday.

Gambian Ex-President Yahya Jammeh

Mai Ahmad Fatty further said a Chadian plane helped him to transport luxury goods including luxury vehicles out of Gambia for Jammeh.

Barrow was sworn in as the new president of Gambia in Gambian embassy in neighboring country Senegal following Jammeh failed to step down on January 19.

African bloc, France and United Nations negotiated with Jammeh for the step down by January 19. On January 20 Jammeh left the country with luxury goods.

Barrow is currently in Senegal and Fatty said to the press yesterday the new president will soon be returning to the country.

Fatty added they have discovered Jammeh has taken away more than 500 million dalasis during a two-week period alone.

He said, “The Gambia is in financial distress. The coffers are virtually empty. That is a state of fact… It has been confirmed by technicians in the ministry of finance and the Central Bank of the Gambia.”

Meanwhile, the officials at the Gambia airport have been ordered not to allow to exit the country any belongings of Jammeh henceforth.


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