Gambian President Adama Barrow To Take Oath Publicly On Saturday

February 17, 2017 11:13 pm0 commentsViews: 58

Gambian new president Adama Barrow will be publicly sworn in tomorrow, Saturday, at the Independence Stadium in capital city Banjul marking the day as the country’s emergence from 22 years of authoritarian rule.

The former property developer will be holding public office for the first time. He defeated the sitting president Yahya Jammeh with huge vote in December 2016.

Following the result Jammeh accepted to step down but later changed mind and tried to cling to power. In a televised statement then he addressed to the nation saying he would not quit as the election was not fair and people were motivated to vote against him.

Concerned for his security, Barrow left the country and was inaugurated at Gambian embassy in neighboring Senegal on January 19 as President of Gambia.

Seeing mounting pressure from United Nations, France, and several African countries, Jammeh stepped down and left the country.

It was alleged he had stolen more than 500 millions of dalasis from the country during his last few weeks of power.

Special adviser for Barrow said a Chadian plane helped him to transport luxury goods including luxury vehicles of Gambia.

Jammeh led Gambia for more than two decades.

Gambia is a tiny country that draws mostly British sunbathers.


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