Ghana Asks Mosque To Use Text, WhatsApp Messages To Call Muslims For Prayer

April 20, 2023 3:46 am12 commentsViews: 209

Ghanaian Environment Minister Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng has come up unique as well as controversial idea to reduce noise pollution in the capital city Accra. He has asked mosques to used mobile text or WhatsApp messages to call Muslim community for prayers instead of using loudspeakers.

Noise streets are common across several cities in Africa due to street vendors, speakers blasting music, chaotic road traffic and thousands of people going for their work. The problem is further added with the loudspeaker noise coming from churches and mosques.

The authorities in Accra are now seeking to deal with such racket caused by places of worship.

Muslims pray five times a day at particular times throughout the day and ahead of the prayer loundspeakers are used to call the community to pray together.

Kwabena said, “Why is it that time for prayer cannot be transmitted with text message or WhatsApp? So the imam would send WhatsApp messages to everybody.”

He added that such changes may help in reducing the noise pollution to some extent in the city.

However, many Muslims living in Accra has dismissed the idea of text or WhatsApp messages use for call to prayer saying it would be more difficult to embrace and not all the people are literate.

In Accra and other cities in Ghana the imams are not paid monthly and hence it would be difficult for them to fund for sending WhatsApp messages five times a day.


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