Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

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There’s one on every Christmas gift list: the person who seems impossible to shop for. This man who has everything has no hobbies, or if he does, he buys what he wants for himself. He already owns everything you can think of. Or she’s incredibly picky and never likes anything you choose. It’s impossible to please everyone, but these suggestions will help gift givers come closer.

The Gift of Experience

Most people have a “bucket list” of things they’ve always wanted to try but haven’t. A good gift for the hard to buy for person is something on that list. This could be a ride in a hot air balloon, a backstage pass at the theater or a day at the amusement park riding roller coasters. If the person’s goal is to learn to cook or to get in shape, gift them with gourmet cooking lessons or ballroom dancing classes. If possible, the gift giver should offer to take the classes with them, which will add to their enjoyment of the gift.

How to Preserve Memories

Give a Christmas gift of a favorite memory by compiling a scrapbook of family photographs. Try this idea for creating a scrapbook about the family tree. Or convert old home movies to DVD. Or enlarge and frame a favorite photograph. Companies will also put photographs on calendars, mugs and even playing cards, and these all make unique gifts .

If the person on your gift list had a favorite childhood book, it can be ordered through online services such as Alibris. A newspaper from the day the gift recipient was born, or some other momentous day in their life, is also an interesting and unexpected gift.

Giving Gift Certificates

Some people think gift certificates or gift cards are boring, but most people enjoy receiving them, as long as the gift cards are for a store where they recipient would like to shop. One way to make a gift card special is to not make it seem like a last minute purchase. Put some thought into it and buy a certificate for an indulgence the recipient will actually use. Learn the ins and outs of giving gift cards.

A woman who loves flowers but rarely buys them for herself might appreciate a gift certificate to a local florist’s. Whatever the gift recipient loves, whether it’s coffee or audio books, a gift certificate will allow him to enjoy that pleasure for months after the holidays.


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