Google Bans 200 Websites In Fake News Crackdown

January 26, 2017 10:14 pm0 commentsViews: 93

The “fake news” websites now has no place on the web to stay and misguide people. Google has taken strict action against those and more than 200 such websites have been banned. The search engine giant has also suspended 1,300 accounts.

Google’s Director of Product Management, Scott Spencer, revealed through a blog post about action taken against fake websites.

Spencer said many such websites have been taking advantage of their AdSense advertising program through several methods and one of the methods are involving posting headlines appearing to come from a legitimate news website.

Termed as tabloid cloakers, Spencer said clicking on such headline redirects the page to various products like weight-loss pills.

Google said they have suspended 1,300 AdSense accounts due to such tabloid cloaking.

Meanwhile, below are some of the most popular fake news websites: – Seems like the site of popular ABC News as the logo and URL are much similar. It is owned by Jestin Coler. – Responsible to have fakely announced Twitter was acquired for $31 billion. It mimics – Published by Hawking Code scam, the site carries CNN logo disguising to be authentic CNN site. – The side mimics USA Today and is owned by Jestin Coler again who owns – The site was originally registered by Jestin Coler.


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