Google Fiber To Offer Internet Through Wireless Technology

August 15, 2016 10:05 pm0 commentsViews: 80

Google Fiber has finally realization citywide fiber networks are taking much time to install and are expensive too. Hence, another option is being considered, a wireless option.

Google Fiber To Offer Internet Through Wireless Technology

Lately it is reported the search giant would be setting up wireless transmitters across Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and other major cities.

According to regulatory filings too it is revealed Google is looking to test wireless transmitters through its Google Fiber in 24 locations in the United States.

However, it is not very clear whether the wireless transmission would offer same speed that is being offered by the Google Fiber’s actual fiber lines.

The filings further reveal Google is looking to test wireless service at little higher frequencies than the traditional Wi-Fi.

Earlier this year in June the company had revealed Webpass to give a clue of the wireless version of Google Fiber. It is able to provide gigabit internet wirelessly and presently the technology is being used in about 10 cities, including San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago.

Google said, “The project is in early stages today, but we hope this technology can one day help deliver more abundant internet access to consumers.”

With the change Google intends to be saving money and also speeding up the rollout of internet services.

Share your own views too with us and fellow readers whether the wireless technology would be able to offer same speed compared to the cable lines in Google Fiber. Use the below given comment box.


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