Google Takes Help From Flagging To Stop Showing Misinformed Webpages

March 19, 2023 9:03 am14 commentsViews: 183

Google has started taking strict action against misinforming websites. It has been lately criticized over false information in search results.

Google’s 10,000 independent human contractors dubbed as Quality Raters will be flagging upsetting or offensive content so that such websites don’t get place in search results.

The so-called Quality Raters will be rating the websites or webpages based on guidelines and data of it will be improving the Google search algorithms.

A new section in the guidelines has been added. It is called as Upsetting-Offensive and the contractors are guided how to flag such type of content.

The content that would contain racial slurs or extremely offensive terminology, or graphic violence like child abuse or animal cruelty are to be flagged.

However, the Quality Raters don’t get the ability to charge how the search results are ranked.

Google senior engineer Paul Haahr said, “The Internet giant is using data from quality raters to spot demonstrably inaccurate information.”

Search Engine Land’s founding editor Danny Sullivan said results for the query “did the Holocaust happen” have improved.

The search engine giant has also been lately criticized for the snippets which are seen at the top of search results as all are not equipped with correct information.

Haahr added, “We will see how some of the works out I’ll be honest. We’re learning as we go.”


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